Tech to enhance your event

At Tobacco Dock we have a ‘state of the art’ digital communications infrastructure, delivering a full range of advanced services, including:

  • An extensive mobile app platform customised for individual events, permanent and semi permanent iBeacons activated via the Tobacco Dock mobile app.
  • Passively tracked visitor movement analytics service.
  • 1GB fibre data communications with over 80 wired and WiFi access points


The Tobacco Dock Mobile Platform
A fully customisable rich mobile app built to enhance your event, engage on a more personal level and track assets with ease.

Benefits include:

  • Available to download from the Apple and Android stores
  • Limitless content options, schedule, video, images, live tweets, maps, etc.
  • Track and optimise the effectiveness of engagement strategies

Personalised proximity & location-based engagement before, during, and after the event.

Benefits include:

  • Location-specific content
  • Tailored content
  • Pre and post communication beyond the event
  • Analytics: Track every single individual interaction

WiFi heat-mapping
A premier event visitor analytics service that uses Wi-Fi to passively track the movement of visitors.

Benefits include:

  • Provide insights about visitor flows
  • Help establish most premium location within the venue
  • Track and optimise the effectiveness of engagement strategies