EVCOMference – Case Study

The Event

EVCOMference is an annual conference open to members of the public as well as the great and the good of the live and visual communication industry.





Areas used:

The Dock Gallery was used for the plenary sessions and South Dock Meeting Suites for morning round-table and afternoon breakouts.



Why Tobacco Dock

The event organiser was looking for a venue that was ‘different, stylish, trendy and new, but still with a corporate edge.’ They were drawn to the out-of-the-ordinary and unusual aspects of the venue which they felt added a further dimension to the event.


Experience at Tobacco Dock

The unique layout of The Dock Gallery meant that the event organisers were able to create a journey for the delegates. The flexible capabilities of space meant that they could create different stages to the day and the use of The Dock meeting rooms allowed them to stage breakout sessions in a fresh location close by.

The catering was displayed on worktop benches allowing guests to benefit from a buffet style service with salads, plentiful vegetarian options and separate meat dishes meaning all dietary requirements were met in a low key and inclusive way.

The EVCOM team worked with the Tobacco Dock operations team to order stage furniture through our approved and trusted suppliers as well as benefitting from the in-built AV specification in The Dock Gallery and dedicated technician throughout the event.

Future plans

The EVCOM team will be returning in November for a large awards event. They remarked that they love the flexibility of the venue and that it has the capacity to provide spaces for smaller meetings as well as big awards or conferences.


‘Tobacco Dock truly offers something very special within the events industry and we’ve never worked anywhere quite like it. We were impressed by the enormous scope and breadth of offering.

The entire Tobacco Dock team was responsive, friendly and constantly available to discuss issues and ideas throughout the event. Our assigned account manager really helped us to visualise how the finished event could look and was constantly three steps ahead of any issues that could arise. The operations team were so on it, with constant checks throughout the day to ensure everything was running smoothly.

We have had plenty of positive feedback from delegates and we were certainly delighted with the outcome. 

As an organisation, we appreciated achieving our goals in such a great venue.

Tobacco Dock offers something special.

Sophie Boyd, Association Manager -EVCOM