Tableau Christmas Party



Areas used:

Exclusive hire of Skylight

Type of event:

Corporate Christmas Party

Why Skylight?

The Tableau team wanted to book a Christmas party for their team which offered them something more interactive than the standard sit-down dinner. It was important to them that their chosen venue be close to their office as the event was on a weekday, and they also needed accessible public transport links for easily getting everyone home afterwards.

The team were also keen that the venue could offer a complete package, meaning minimal extra planning on their part. Skylight offered them a simple ‘one-stop-shop’.

Experience at Skylight

Tableau were delighted with the party and felt that Skylight’s rooftop ice rink added a unique touch to the proceedings which was appreciated by the guests. They also made use of our party add-ons to create a bespoke party, enjoying a (very popular!) photo booth and taxi marshalling to streamline guests’ journeys home.

They really liked that fact that there was a mixture of covered and open spaces, with plenty of cosy seating areas.

The Tableau team made special mention of the friendly and responsive service they received from both the sales and operations teams.


From the moment we made our first enquiry to the follow-up care post-party, the level of service we received from Tobacco Dock was absolutely faultless. Sophie and the team made sure all our questions were answered quickly and offered us a completely bespoke service which resulted in a fabulous party. The venue is truly unique with a mixture of indoor and outdoor areas, the rooftop views and, of course, the ice rink. We couldn’t find anything that came anywhere close to comparison in the city for such an event. Thank you to everyone who made this a party to remember!

Nina Lewis – Tableau